I have been so anxious to share this lovely album of my visit with the Jackson’s! When Kristin first told me that her family lived on acreage and she wanted to do their session there I was super excited, but I never could have imagined how amazing it would be! You see they live on their families land along with Chris’s parents and grandparents, and soon his brother too! We packed so much in, from throwing hedge-apples in their pond, to feeding chickens, the whole time I was there was magical.

This is what documentary photography is all about…taking your beautiful life and making art that will last a lifetime. Kristin described life with twin two year-olds, Lewis and Becca, 4 year old, Elliot, and 6 year old, Nora, as a permanent child’s birthday party…I completely understood what she was saying and I knew I would just adore her and her family from the get go, I just thrive in a little bit of crazy!! 😍 She was absolutely right, we did not stop for the entire hour and as a photographer I am so pleased…I just love so much of what we were able to capture in a short hour! I am so happy that I got to document this crazy time in their lives because it really will not last forever…despite what they may be feeling right now! Ha!

I hope you enjoy their beautiful photos below and their gorgeous video below that!

When I first talked to Laura she hesitantly said you do know we have 8 kids don’t you after I told her how excited I was to photograph their family. I, of course, was excited for the challenge that comes along with the chaos of all of those kiddos…AND anyone who knows me knows that I would have 13 if I had my way! (Too bad the husband doesn’t feel the same way:)) They were everything I could have hoped for and more, and I almost brought a couple of them home with me!

I just love the happiness that shines through in these photos and the love that these two have for each and every one of those babies is so evident! The littlest, Liam, was celebrating his 2nd birthday and carried his new airplane book and airplane everywhere and those siblings doted on him the entire time! I love being able to capture something that is so important but will also pass quickly!

I hope you love their album, it really was so incredibly fun to capture their personalities and play with them for an evening and I hope our happiness that evening shows! Make sure you scroll to the bottom to view their video!!

Dear Evelyn,

I got to take photos of your beautiful mother while you were still in her belly just 9 days before I got to meet you. I came to the hospital when you were just two days old and still learning a lot about life. You and your mama were working hard at getting the feeding thing figured out and you were not the happiest while I was there, but while watching your mommy and how gracefully and patiently she calmed you, I just know that you two will have it figured out in no time and it will all be a distant memory. This is one of the reasons I love documenting little one’s like you, everything changes so quickly and before you know it you will be doing things on your own!

After my small time with your mommy and daddy I know already that your mama will be the calm one, the one that cuddles you when you’re scared or hurt and wipes away your tears gently when you are upset and you daddy is going to be the funny one, the one that will push the limits of fatherhood while you’re mama nervously laughs at him. You will be so loved by these two beautiful people who are so perfectly paired that you will get the best of both of them, gaining your mother’s grace, strength and beauty while also being gifted with your father’s carefree attitude and humor! You are so blessed in so many ways and I hope you can one day look back at these photos and see that it started from the moment you were born.


Much love,

Adrienne K.



I have been nearly crawling out of my skin in anticipation to be able to show off this session. I met Bryan and Kaley a little over a week ago at their house for their photo session and everything about it was magical! Their sweet puppy hid from me making the photos with her included so sweet. Then Bryan took us to his grandparents property in Belle Plaine and the magic just kept on coming. These two are so beautiful and obviously so, so in love and it was so amazing to be able to capture this fleeting moment in their lives before two become three.

I had the pleasure of photographing their Fresh 48 today and also got to show them the slideshow below and needless to say poor Kaley was quite emotional. I know that hormones were a bit at play this morning, but I also can’t help but get a little teary as I look at these photos…there is really so much to love; Kaley and Bryan, their beautiful connection, the amazing property that we got to explore, the gorgeous night we had…all of it really was so dreamy! I hope you enjoy their session as much as I loved documenting it and stay tuned for their Fresh 48!


What can I say about the Potter’s? They are one of the sweetest families I have ever met. They have been through more than many go through in a lifetime with Brooke battling cancer after being diagnosed while pregnant with Adelyn, to an unexpected miscarriage after beating cancer…their story is one of courage, strength, and above all else undying love. I was so honored to be able photograph and get to know this family.

It was so amazing to watch the bond that Adelyn has with both of her parents, but it was clear from the get go that she was quite the Daddy’s girl! She LOVES going to work with Reece and riding in the airplanes, so of course it was an obvious place to document them doing what they love. Adelyn is everything you would expect from a nearly three year old, she is spunky, outgoing, opinionated and so, so ACTIVE. I love that I got to document this threesome before the addition of the littlest Potter, Emerie!

I do hope you love the Potter family’s documentary session as much as I do! As always, make sure to scroll to the bottom to see their video with even more photos. 🙂

Dearest Layla,

I spent just a short hour with you and your sweet family and let me tell you, it was so evident how much love you are surrounded by in less than 30 seconds of being there. Your mama and daddy were pretty exhausted from their hospital stay but their excitement from your arrival was still so evident in their tired eyes! Your big sister Ilona is not your biggest fan right now, but she has been the one and only for quite a while and I am just sure that she will soon realize that having a sister is the BEST thing ever!

I do hope that you can look back on your photos one day and see the love that I saw, and understand just how lucky you are! Welcome to the world baby girl!

Your first paparazzi,

Adrienne K.


Dear Josie,

I met your mommy and daddy when you were still in your mama’s belly and it was clear from the moment that I met them that they wanted you more than they have ever wanted anything. You are so loved by so many and have already had more visitors than most babies have in a year! Your mama couldn’t wait to show you off to the world and you have already been on mini adventures so that she could do just that. Your daddy is so enamored with you and seems to have just snuggled right into this new role you have given him so perfectly. My time spent documenting your new home was so peaceful and beautiful, your parents are so patient and loving and you have the best dog siblings a girl could have!

Sweet little girl, you will have no recollection of this place that you were born into as a move will take you across the country in a short month but I have a feeling that you will be much like your mama and always have the best of the Midwest in your heart. I hope you and your family spend your childhood playing in the cool dirt and climbing the trees of the great northwest! You and your mama will continue on adventures only much greater ones in a magical land full of wondrous places to explore all while your daddy follows along strumming his guitar and serenading your childhood. You are so lucky and I hope that one day you can look back at these images and see just how much you were and have always been loved…


Much Love,

Your favorite photographer, Adrienne


Dear Rhett,

You have been blessed with the most loving and easy going parents. It took all of 3 minutes to realize that Matthew and Keyona were meant to be yours, and you theirs. You were so wide awake for our photo shoot, but you are perfect in every way. Your daddy thinks you look just like your mama, and it seems your beautiful mama is just fine with that. The three of you fit together like a perfect puzzle that they didn’t even realize was incomplete until your arrival. One day you will love the story daddy tells you about how you peed all over him during your first photo shoot and how your mama will tell you that you were so in tune with her that every time she would speak you would look in her direction, already a mama’s boy at only 11 days old! Most of all you will love looking back at these moments of you and your family, knowing that you are surrounded in a blanket of love!



Your third biggest fan, Adrienne


Make sure you scroll to the bottom to see the video with even more of this gorgeous family!


Where has one year gone?! I have been photographing this little girl all year and it seems crazy that she is already a year old! What can I say about Sophie? She is such a light, she has rarely cried near me, even when I swoop her up for a quick baby cuddle, she just smiles…this little girl is truly special. Matt and Jenny invited me to photograph Miss Sophie’s first birthday about a month ago and I was so excited to be a part of her big day! Her party was so great and I had so much fun documenting it. There is just something so sweet about a first birthday party!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Matt and Jenny for nearly a decade now and I have to say how beautiful it has been watching them go from being a happy, (sometimes crazy) fun couple to a much calmer version of themselves with the arrival of Sophie…it is really beautiful watching a family transform from two to three and these guys have done it gracefully!

Being that I have been photographing this sweet family since before Miss Sophie made her appearance, I felt it appropriate to put together a video with some of my favorites from this past year! Make sure you scroll to the bottom and watch her birthday video as well as her first year video!

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