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About Me:

I am Adrienne Kantukule, a professional photographer and business owner with Adrienne K. Photography. While pursuing my passion for photography, I realized my excitement with all things creative in business. I am self-taught on Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Premier Pro and InDesign. I also enjoyed designing my WordPress website and have a great love of the written word as illustrated on both my website blog and my Instagram business page. Often in photography, these are the things that creatives struggle with and I find that they tend to be one of my favorite elements of business ownership.

I am a self-driver and worked diligently to gain accomplishment and recognition among my photography peers. Within two short years, I have been published 3 times and was also accepted as a Click Pro in January. Click Pro is an organization of women who are only accepted after having their portfolio reviewed by the best photographers in the industry and found to have exceptional skill in 7 key elements of photography (exposure, use of light, color and white balance, composition, processing, technical basics, and creativity).

I have a degree in Organizational Management and Leadership and my previous roles have ranged from sales to event planning. I led all of the large events in the area for the Girl Scouts and grew attendance in every event that I managed. I am involved in the Jr. League and the Wichita Mom’s Blog and love to build community partnerships. I am a go-getter, fast learner, and a team player. I am excited to explore opportunities that will continue to fulfill my creative side while simultaneously feed my desire to build relationships within my community.

Design Portfolio:

Created with Animoto

Logo – Created in Illustrator

Logo – Created in Illustrator

Gift Card – Created in InDesign

Created using Animoto

Pricing Sheet Side 1 – Created in Illustrator

Pricing Sheet Side 2 – Created in Illustrator

First Logo – Created in Illustrator

Large Pop-up Banner – Created in Illustrator

Online pricing magazine created in inDesign: