Brenda, Vincent and Alana | Wichita Newborn Photography

A little over a week ago I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet family with their new addition, little Alana. I cannot tell you how much I love these littlest littles and documenting their new lives. Documenting new parents navigate their new normal is just so beautiful…I could do a newborn session everyday!

Vincent and Brenda were so at ease during the shoot and seemed to completely embrace documentary photography and it completely shows through their images! The love that they share for their baby girl is so evident. Brenda shared with me that prior to Alana’s arrival she was not comfortable around new babies and I would have never guessed it, it all just looked so effortless between her and Alana! I also loved that Vincent has the swaddle down after the nurses taught him while Brenda was recovering from her c-section…these two really were and will be amazing parents to that lucky little girl!

I hope you enjoy their story telling session below, and make sure to scroll to the bottom for their video with more photos from our time together!

Kantukule Summer Fun | Wichita Family Documentary Photography

We are about half way into the summer and I have yet to post a family blog so I thought that I would share our first half of summer adventures all together! We have had quite the summer! From a trip to Denver to the mundane trips to Costco, this album has a little bit of everything!

Here they are! I do hope you enjoy them!

Sophia Marie – 1st Birthday | Wichita Family Documentary Photography

Where has one year gone?! I have been photographing this little girl all year and it seems crazy that she is already a year old! What can I say about Sophie? She is such a light, she has rarely cried near me, even when I swoop her up for a quick baby cuddle, she just smiles…this little girl is truly special. Matt and Jenny invited me to photograph Miss Sophie’s first birthday about a month ago and I was so excited to be a part of her big day! Her party was so great and I had so much fun documenting it. There is just something so sweet about a first birthday party!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Matt and Jenny for nearly a decade now and I have to say how beautiful it has been watching them go from being a happy, (sometimes crazy) fun couple to a much calmer version of themselves with the arrival of Sophie…it is really beautiful watching a family transform from two to three and these guys have done it gracefully!

Being that I have been photographing this sweet family since before Miss Sophie made her appearance, I felt it appropriate to put together a video with some of my favorites from this past year! Make sure you scroll to the bottom and watch her birthday video as well as her first year video!

Did you know that I have “A Year in the Life” package for new babes or anyone who is wanting to document their year? Check out my pricing here!

Kelsey and Nolan | Wichita Maternity Documentary Photography

I had so much fun meeting Kelsey and Nolan for their maternity session. We started off in their home and made sure to document them as they are now, family of five (when you include their 3 pups) with a little girl on the way. I really loved watching Nolan and Kelsey together, they were so effortlessly beautiful and after nine years together seem to be a true extension of one another. Where one ends the other begins and their love had a sort of unspoken calm that surrounded them.

I love how all of my sessions tell such a different story, they are truly unique to who I am capturing. This one tells of Nolan’s love for music that he gained from his musical family, how Kelsey’s biggest pregnancy craving has been fruit, that she has organized her sweet baby girls room perfectly (so much so that she knew Nolan had been in one of the drawers when she opened it), that they can walk to their favorite ball throwing location complete with a private entrance to the park that only they and their neighbors would even know existed…I will never grow tired of documenting these unique stories.

I do hope that you enjoy their story below…and don’t forget to watch their video for even more photos from their session.


Keyona and Matthew | Wichita Maternity Documentary Photography

Have I ever explained how much I love pregnancy, labor, birth, sweet brand new babies, and all things revolving around new life?! Well, if I haven’t explained it, let me give you an idea of how obsessed I am…I get chills when I tell my clients about how much I love birth, that if I could give birth every day I would just to have that new baby rush I would. You know, that high that you get right after birth that makes you feel like you are Wonder Woman? There is just something so truly miraculous about growing a tiny person that is the perfect combination of you and your love. SO with all of that said, I could not wait to capture Keyona’s sweet little baby bump and document this special time for she and Matthew, and we had so much fun doing just that!

Everything about this session was so dreamy! Keyona channeled her inner Joanna Gaines and designed such a stunning house, with the help of her oh-so handy husband Matthew of course! I mean, check out that house, could it be any cuter? When I first arrived Keyona took me from one room to the next and I was just so blown away in each room! Then after documenting them in their adorable house, I asked them if they had anything in mind for some outdoor photos and we all piled in their car and drove about 2 miles away to the most beautiful location I have ever seen. It was complete with a dusty tree lined dirt road, a perfect wheat field, and the most stunning wild field that looked as if we were in Tuscany! If anyone ever tells you that Kansas is not pretty all you need to do is show them this album to change their minds!

What else can I say about Keyona and Matthew?  I do not think I have ever met two people who oozed so much love for one another. It is so evident in these photos that their connection is something straight out of the movies, you know, the kind of love that you are sure doesn’t really exist until you meet people like Keyona and Matthew? These two are also just so fun…when Matthew climbed through 3 feet of weeds to grab one of those giant weeds that look like dandelions and insisted that he and Keyona blow on it together I cracked up. She did not even hesitate to join in, even in her 8 month pregnant condition…I suppose this could be a new form of lamaze?! I know one thing for sure, sweet baby boy Rhett is sure to have fun and loving parents for life!

I do hope that you enjoy their album below and also their video with even more photos from their session below!


Tifany, Dan, Blaze and Brooklyn | Wichita Family Documentary Photography

I feel like I am the luckiest photographer in all of the world. I keep running across dream clients who totally get me and the importance of documentary photography. Tifany and Dan get it…their session was full of everything you would expect from a family with a 2.5 year old and a newborn. From fussing and fits, to squeals and giggles, to nursing and snake hunting, we had it all.

Blaze was so entertaining and Tifany and I commiserated on how hard it is to have a two year old and a newborn…I assured her that the hard times will not last forever (although my kids are currently screaming in another room, fighting over a pacifier that they found who knows where, ha!) Dan and Blaze are such buddies and it was so cute to watch them play with trucks, shoot hoops and explore on our walk through the trail we traveled.

This family was once again a reminder of why I do what I do, and I am so happy that they get it. I woke up to this review from Tifany today:

“I loved the idea of documentary style photography and Adrienne nails it! She is very professional, very kind and very friendly! I truly felt comfortable around her from the first moment she arrived at my house. I have a 2.5 year old and a newborn and our pictures turned out phenomenal!!!! I was expecting great but when we had our “unveiling” my husband and I were blown away!! She captures memories that I hoped to never forget and now I never will. She is more than just a photographer, she is an artist! I would highly recommend her to all but especially to those with small children hoping to never forget the small moments.”

Makes my heart happy…so THANK YOU Tifany, Dan, Blaze and Brooklyn for inviting me into your lives and helping me to create your personal art!

I hope you enjoy their storytelling session below as much as I enjoyed creating it! And make sure to scroll to the bottom for their video with even more photos and video of our session!

Jillian, Cody and Phoebe | Wichita Documentary Photography

This session was straight out of my wildest dreams; there was a rollie pollie search, honeysuckle tastings, hammock swinging, a tea party, extended breastfeeding, a hairless kitty, bullfrog hunting, two year old chasing…and so much beautiful LIGHT! If you have been following my work for long you know that I am a bit light obsessed and live to chase it in my sessions and I could not have had more stunning light to accompany this stunning family!

This family is so beautiful in every way, Mama and Dada’s patience with little miss was so beautiful to watch and their bond is so clearly evident. I have known Jillian for some time and if anyone knows Jillian they know that she lives for that sweet little girl of hers. Cody is such a strong father and husband to his girls and it was so incredible watching the three of them together. I felt like their bond was straight from one of those sappy movies that you walk away from and say “that can’t be real life!” For them it is real life, they are pretty spectacular and I hope that it is all evident in their story below!

For their video with the entire session plus some sweet short clips make sure your scroll to the bottom!

Mud + Mud + More Mud | Wichita Documentary Photographer

I have been promising my littles that we would go splash in the mud for weeks now and it seems every time we go on one of our “adventures” no mud is found! So this last weekend when it was cloudy and dreary we grabbed Nana and set out to find some mud! We ended up at Santa Fe Lake which was the perfect combination of puddles, mud and a great lake for some good ol’ rock throwing!

The funniest part of this adventure is that my kids do NOT like being dirty, but because I built it up so much they were pretty sure they would love it! There are some photos close to the beginning that are right after I took a handful of much and wiped it across both of them and neither of them are very thrilled about it…all for the sake of photography I say! Ha! I can assure you that they got me back, but got Nana back so much more! Poor Nana!! By the end they were very gleefully playing in the mud and none of us went home without mud in places that we expected!!

I told Nana on the way home that I really do think that my love for capturing a moment does make me a better mom, but was pondering it a little later and I decided that it also makes my kiddos more well rounded kids…getting messy is a part of childhood that I am so glad that I can teach them to love even if they don’t love it at first and I hope that we created the kind of memories that will be so impactful that they are more present for their children one day too!

This album was SO hard to narrow down so I am probably oversharing here, but I just love them all so much! I hope that you enjoy our adventure and it inspires you to make some messes for the sake of creating a lasting memory too!

A Mother’s Day Surprise | Wichita Documentary Photography

When Ruse contacted me several weeks ago to schedule a surprise shoot with his two kiddos for a Mother’s Day surprise, I could not have been more excited! He explained  that his wife loves photos and he wanted to document something that would mean something to her, so he looked through my portfolio and saw the photos I have taken in the Andover Public Library and thought that would be the perfect location!

Sometimes I walk away from a shoot and have to pinch myself…is this real life?! I played with the kiddos and took beautiful photos that I hope perfectly captured Bennett and Nora as they are in all of their 5-year-old and 3-year-old glory! This is why I love documentary photography, the images captured are pure, real life reactions, connections and love between these three…I hope you feel the happiness and love ooze from them as you view the photos below! Also make sure to scroll to the bottom to view their video that includes their full gallery!

Published Birth + Documentary Photographer

This is the day, the day that my title goes from “Photographer” to “Published Photographer.” My goal this year was to become more competitive in my photography, to enter any competition that I could and submit to as many publications as I could to really challenge myself and grow as an artist so that I may be able to translate that into the art that I create for my clients.

When I submitted my photos to Dear Photographer magazine I knew that I would be among many, after the deadline came it was posted that over 8,600 photos were submitted and I had very little expectations. So imagine my surprise when I received not one but two acceptance emails. I had two photos out of the 192 chosen that would be included in this beautiful publication among some of the top artists in the industry.

I have to say that I have always understood the importance of print, of having a tangible photo that displayed my art. But seeing my photos and MY name among these other talented artists has been so humbling. I still cannot believe it and I am so excited about what the future holds for me and my work. Thank you for following me on this journey, I can’t wait to share the next chapter with you!

Below are the two photos that have been printed in this breath taking publication and some photos that show the beauty of the publication so you can see it too. Oh, and I couldn’t keep the two little baby models out of the fun…they thought it was pretty special when they found themselves among the images!