A Mother’s Day Surprise | Wichita Documentary Photography

When Ruse contacted me several weeks ago to schedule a surprise shoot with his two kiddos for a Mother’s Day surprise, I could not have been more excited! He explained  that his wife loves photos and he wanted to document something that would mean something to her, so he looked through my portfolio and saw the photos I have taken in the Andover Public Library and thought that would be the perfect location!

Sometimes I walk away from a shoot and have to pinch myself…is this real life?! I played with the kiddos and took beautiful photos that I hope perfectly captured Bennett and Nora as they are in all of their 5-year-old and 3-year-old glory! This is why I love documentary photography, the images captured are pure, real life reactions, connections and love between these three…I hope you feel the happiness and love ooze from them as you view the photos below! Also make sure to scroll to the bottom to view their video that includes their full gallery!

Published Birth + Documentary Photographer

This is the day, the day that my title goes from “Photographer” to “Published Photographer.” My goal this year was to become more competitive in my photography, to enter any competition that I could and submit to as many publications as I could to really challenge myself and grow as an artist so that I may be able to translate that into the art that I create for my clients.

When I submitted my photos to Dear Photographer magazine I knew that I would be among many, after the deadline came it was posted that over 8,600 photos were submitted and I had very little expectations. So imagine my surprise when I received not one but two acceptance emails. I had two photos out of the 192 chosen that would be included in this beautiful publication among some of the top artists in the industry.

I have to say that I have always understood the importance of print, of having a tangible photo that displayed my art. But seeing my photos and MY name among these other talented artists has been so humbling. I still cannot believe it and I am so excited about what the future holds for me and my work. Thank you for following me on this journey, I can’t wait to share the next chapter with you!

Below are the two photos that have been printed in this breath taking publication and some photos that show the beauty of the publication so you can see it too. Oh, and I couldn’t keep the two little baby models out of the fun…they thought it was pretty special when they found themselves among the images!


Shoot and Share Photo Contest | Wichita Documentary Photographer

There is this “little” contest that I entered into this year on a whim…by little I mean only 412,379 photos were submitted by photographers all over the world and then they were randomly voted on. Most of the time free photo contests turn into a popularity contest and it is just not in me to ask people to vote for me so I just pass on them. This contest is not that at all and I had so much fun voting and seeing the amazing work of other photographers. It was not that long into voting that I realized how difficult the competition was…I mean the images were INCREDIBLE! I stumbled upon a couple of my photos through voting but was shocked that I could spend hours voting on the competition and never see a single photo of mine. I was pretty sure that I must have had all of my photos eliminated rather quickly, so imagine my surprise when I saw that I had 8 photos in the top 30%, 7 photos in the top 20% and 3 photos in the top 10%.

I am so happy with my results for my first year in this competition that I decided that I had to share! Next year I am determined to make it into the top 100. 🙂

The photos below made it to the top 30% of all photos submitted to the competition!

The photos below made it to the top 20% of all photos submitted to the competition!

Lastly, these last three photos made it to the top 10% of all photos submitted!

AND checkout the video they created for my competition submissions below:

Ruby Caroline – Newborn | Wichita Documentary Photographer

You guys, I hit the photography jackpot with this beautiful family! I had the best time meeting Ruby and I could not get enough of those big, gorgeous eyes of hers. Also, this nursery was too much, the light, the decor, that amazing crib…it could not have been more stunning. I normally say you should book your newborn photo shoot within the first 10 days of birth, but this session has me changing my mind. Little Miss Ruby was 17 days young and was wide awake for most of the shoot and I have to say I loved it! Madeleine and Chris were pretty great too, of course! 😉 Bring me all the wide awake babies from now on, Ruby has set a new trend!

I do hope that you love these photos as much as I do! They are definitely some of my absolute favorites! AND make sure you scroll to the bottom for their video with more photos and some video clips from their session!

Sophia Marie – 9 Months | Wichita Documentary Photography

Nine months?! Where has the time gone? I have been on such an amazing photographic journey with this little angel and her momma and daddy! Three more months and we will be celebrating Sophie’s 1st birthday! Things change so quickly in that first year and I am so happy that Matt and Jenny chose me to help document it!

This was such a fun shoot, Sophie loved my camera and it was so cute capturing her play and giggle for the majority of the session. Of course I also love that I captured some real life moments where she was not so happy, but I am convinced that this girl really doesn’t cry! Matt and Jenny could not love this girl any more than they do and it is so evident in these photos, but who could blame them? Such a little model baby!

I hope you enjoy Matt, Jenny and Sophie’s storytelling session! Make sure you scroll to the bottom to see their video…



Indoor trampolines and snuggles | Wichita Documentary Photography

With the wind this week we have been indoors again for most of the week and I decided that it was about time that I hop into the frame with the kiddos too. As moms we are often the one’s that are taking the photos and I have decided that I need to be better about getting on the other side of the lens. Of course the kiddos had a blast too! It is not every day that I tell them that it is ok to jump on my bed! It is amazing how tolerant I can be in order to get that perfect photo. I think it is helping me to be a much more fun mom, and I hope my kiddos think so too! I hope you enjoy our inside adventures!

Make sure to scroll to the bottom for a peak into what life is like with a spirited 4 year old!

These last three shots are experimentation with a slow shutter speed to show how life is normally with this crazy 4 year old. He just does not stop for anything! This is also the reason why often times there are far more photos of Frankie, it can be difficult to catch Liam!!

February Adventures | Wichita Documentary Photography

So the month has come to an end and I realized that it has been a while since I posted here. I wanted to share some of our recent adventures with you. These are also all great ideas for Lifestyle sessions if you are drawing a blank while thinking of how to document your family with me. I hope you enjoy them!

A Day in the Life

We spent the morning documenting just being us while at my mom’s last week. Sometimes children can be so much more at ease when they are in THEIR spaces and the images come out beautifully!


Baking Fun

The other day we experimented with baking some gluten/dairy free muffins, the littles had the BEST time baking and I fell in love with all of the details that can be caught in this activity. I’m sure you will agree…

New Puppy

My sister recently got a new puppy and she is just the sweetest! The littles and I went to meet her last week and I just had to document the cuteness overload! Check out the images from our day:

Library Time for the Win!

I am a bit ashamed to say that we have never been to our local library. We go to Andover Central Park quite frequently and every time I go I think “oh yeah, we really need to go to our library sometime,” but have you ever tried convincing a two and four year old that they should forego a park for the library?! Well, we decided to go this week and it may now be my new favorite place for photos. The light is beautiful and the leading lines that you get from book shelves is quite amazing! I’m sure you will agree that these photos are pretty adorable!


In Home Studio

Fearful of Lifestyle shoots because you are afraid that you might not get the portrait style photos that you desire for your walls? Think again, I LOVE chasing light in other homes to find the perfect way to create studio style portraits. This is one of those things that makes photography fun for me, no matter where I go I am challenged with finding the light that works best for my subjects and my clients homes. These photos were created in my living room because the cutest nine year old ever wanted to be a model! Check out my little models below…

Messes and Bubbles | Wichita Documentary Photography

Next week we celebrate Valentine’s Day and I was anxious to get out the paint and make a ridiculous mess all for the sake of photography…please don’t think for a second that I am the kind of mom that allows her kids to make messes and is completely stress free about it! I have always envied those moms and as much as I try, these kind of things make me an anxious ball of stress! I spend the majority of the time holding back what I wanted to say, but can assure you that “don’t leave this kitchen”, “stay on the plastic”, “don’t touch ANYTHING” left my mouth on more than one occasion. I hope that the memories that they have are much more of how much fun it was to get messy and then get clean again!

I hope you enjoy our messy “fun” and “clean” fun too!!

Some days you just have to dance…. | Wichita Documentary Photography

My husband got me an Amazon Echo for Christmas and I realized how much I missed just listening to music! It seems that since we have been in this house we have been lacking any kind of stereo on our main floor…I’m not sure how it even happened…but most of these things can be answered with a single word: “KIDS”. Since becoming a mother I seem to have lost a little bit of “me”, I am so caught up in being “mommy” that I have a bad habit of not taking care of myself! I promise I am trying a lot harder, and one of those ways is by listening to more music. It seems that the love of music is in our blood because watching my kiddos enjoy it has been so great as well!

All of this leads to Thursday afternoon, sitting in the living room with the littles and listening to music. They were standing in front of the living room window, awaiting their big brothers arrival, and how could I resist taking that first image! And then “Havana” started blaring over that Echo and you could tell Liam just felt that song to the very depths of his being, he could not help but move along with the music! I shot a quick photo (the second one below) of the two of them dancing and was mesmerized by the light and how it highlighted them so beautifully that the photographer in me was up in no time moving furniture and giving them a proper dance floor!

Sometimes capturing moments feels like magic…I hope you do enjoy the magic that was created on a Thursday afternoon in the middle of a living room with the help of 3 adorable boys and a potty training angel…

Here’s to one AMAZING year!! | Wichita Documentary Photography

2017 has passed and I have just finished my final family projects for the year. I set out to make a video with both photos and video and then realized that there were just so many I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to make just one, so two it is!

I have always been passionate about capturing memories through photos, but I was never good at doing anything with them! With this being my first year in business I decided that was the first thing that I would change. I have printed many of my favorite photos and will continue to do so, but I also wanted to document our life each year in a big family album. I am planning on printing our first family album with these memories but now they will be stored forever in video and as well as print!

I have to tell you that going through ALL of my photos of this past year was really eye opening. This year was definitely a year of growth, artistically speaking, and I can look through these images and see it so vividly. But going through these also made me realize that a photo does not have to be technically perfect to be great and a lot of these are photos that I took with my phone, something that I have not done much of since becoming a professional photographer. This was a good lesson for me, sometimes a moment deserves to be captured and it is ok if it is not perfect!

So with all of that being said, I have some new goals this year:

  1. Capture more, more of the everyday things that I will long for one day!
  2. Turn my phone horizontal while taking video! HAHA! Goodness, the perfectionist in me was REALLY struggling with this while making the second video!
  3. Take more video, it is really a shame that it took becoming a professional photographer to really understand the value in this and I am going to be more mindful of it moving forward!
  4. Reach more people that need their everyday lives documented so that I can give the gift of memories that will live forever through my art.

There it is, 2017 was a BIG year for us and one that I am certain we will remember forever, but I have no doubt that 2018 will be the best one yet! I hope you enjoy our 2017 Kantukule Family Stories!