It was truly so much fun to meet and photograph the Baratzadeh family. Adrian kept us busy the entire time and was quite possibly the cutest 2 year old little boy I have ever met! The family’s realtor, Kathy Rosell, gifted them this session to document life in their new home. We definitely got to document all of little Adrian’s favorite things about the new digs…from the beautiful rock throwing pond in the back, to his sweet room filled with his favorite toys and let’s not forget the best feature of the house…the hose! I am certain that the hose was not listed as a “feature” on this home listing but perhaps realtors should start! Haha!

I do hope you love some of the photos below of our beautiful session!

When Kaylee’s mama, Kara, asked if I would travel to Denver, Colorado to take Miss Kaylee’s senior photos my answer was an ecstatic “YES!!!” You see I met this gorgeous girl when she was just a wee little 3 year old and she has had my heart since the day we met! I was Kaylee and her three brother’s nanny a whole lifetime ago and it makes me feel so incredibly old that this once little girl has grown into such a beautiful young woman!

We spent the first night downtown to celebrate Kaylee’s 17th birthday with all of her besties. I, of course, played paparazzi and captured the girls being teenage girls and I have to say that every moment was a blast! Our fun ran into the next morning (or early afternoon…they are teenagers so they didn’t roll out of bed until nearly 12☻) when we continued to explore downtown and had lunch at the 16th street mall before we headed back to the house. But of course our photographic fun did not stop there, we ventured back out 2 more times and ended up getting to watch a spectacular sunset at Cherry Creek State Park with Kaylee and her boyfriend, Loren.

This girl really got the royal treatment, but deserved every minute of it! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from our neverending Senior Session!

Dear Calvin,

You are one of the lucky ones…you have been born into one of the most loving and fun families that you could have asked for. I have known your parents well before they answered to “mama” and “dada” and I know beyond a shadow of doubt that your arrival has made there world brighter and more exciting than it has ever been.

Not only do you have the most amazing parents but your big sister is already showing signs that she will be the greatest friend to you. You have only been here a short time and just like your parents Sophie’s love for you was instant. She is loving and doting and grows excited each time she sees you. There is nothing greater than the bond of siblings and you have gifted that to her too. You two are so lucky to have each other.

I am so excited to document your first year, below are just a few photos from your first modeling gig…I hope you cherish these memories forever!

♥ – Adrienne K.

I am so excited to be able to share some of this family’s last moments of being a family of three! This last Monday they welcomed little Calvin into the world and I am so excited to document the next year of his little life!

Matt, Jenny, little Sophie and I ventured out to the same park that we shot their last maternity photos almost 2 years earlier to the day! We had the best time and I just love how their photos turned out! Check out all of my favorites below and stay tuned for some fresh newborn photos super soon!

I had the pleasure of photographing owners Torrey and Stacy along with their “gnomies” at the Hopping Gnome recently to celebrate their upcoming 4 year anniversary! We had a blast and it is so clear that this group seems to have far more fun than they do work.

If you haven’t yet stopped by this sweet brewery right in the heart of the city you are missing out. The decor is minimalist and charming with Gnomes everywhere you look, their calendar is full of events ranging from game nights to live music, and let’s not forget the best part….their beer is FANTASTIC! If you are looking for something special to do on May 25th make sure to stop by and try some of their delicious beer and celebrate their anniversary! More info at:

Check out some of my favorites from our session below!

Updated: Tuesday we received a phone call from Access Hollywood and our little worker had a Skype interview to be featured on their “The Best Thing We’ve Seen Today” segment Tuesday, April 16th! Look up your local times and make sure to tune in!! Make sure to check out the update from the Wichita Eagle here!

You may remember a little blog I wrote just before Christmas about how Frankie is “working” at Target…if you do not recall you can find it here. Fast-forward to about a week ago when we were contacted by Carrie Rengers from the Wichita Eagle asking to do a story on Frankie and her “best friends” at Target! Needless to say we were ecstatic! We quickly scheduled to meet Carrie, Jaime Green (photographer and videographer from the Eagle) and all of Frankie’s best friends at the Starbucks in Target so they could get a taste of why Frankie is so Target obsessed!

We had a blast, and now Frankie hasn’t stopped talking about her new best-friends from the newspaper! The article made the front cover of the newspaper this morning. What 3 year old makes the cover of the Sunday paper?! She has no idea just how special she is! I, of course, documented some of the interview and her “reading” her amazing article! Make sure to check out her story here and her photos and the original video below!

Shoot and Share results came out a little over a week ago and I have to say that I am super happy with my personal growth over the last year! You will see in the first photo below that last year 18 photos made it into the top 30% with my best 3 placing in the top 10%. I was so happy with those results last year. After all, it was my first year entering and my first year in business! This year however that number climbed to 32 photos making the top 30%, 8 in the top 10% and 3 finalists (top 3.2%).

This is the largest photo competition each year with 583,150 photos submitted this year alone. Each person can submit up to 50 photos and I have submitted the full 50 both years. The voting takes place over nearly an entire month and anyone can vote. It is actually hugely entertaining/addictive and when the contest is over it leaves me with a slight empty feeling…and then the waiting begins…waiting, waiting, waiting…for about 3 weeks they announce the top placing photos before they finally give all of us the results. And now what? I guess I will continue to shoot and hope that next year I can do even better than I did this year!

If you are curious you should check out this year’s top placing photographs, they really are spectacular and give me major #goals!

The entire album of my placing photos is below and you will notice in the upper right hand corner the badge that shows how far it made it in the competition. 🙂

Dearest Reeves,

I just knew I would love you the moment you wrinkled that sweet forehead…even when you cried we all swooned over your precious little faces. I was definitely not alone, despite spending far longer than anticipated in the hospital, your parents were obviously, completely and totally in love. Really what’s not to love? You are perfection and your family is too…you are surrounded by so much love and warmth and have been blessed beyond measure to be born into such a beautifully loving and good humored family!

I knew your mama and I would hit it off immediately when I walked in on her with only her bra on…we immediately joked about how all modesty goes out the window after having a baby! We spent the rest of your beautiful session joking and laughing and sharing stories too, I had so much fun that I probably could have stayed another couple of hours if not for the vanishing sun. You are destined to have a beautifully fun and happy life and I am so glad I got to capture the very first chapter of it for you!

I hope you cherish these memories forever, sweet boy!

Your first “fan girl,”

Adrienne K.

P.s. These are just my very favorite photos, but if you scroll down to the bottom you can see the video with all of the photos and some video too!!