Bennett Lee | Wichita Birth Photography

Documenting birth is one of my most favorite things. There is nothing greater than the opportunity to be a witness to new life and when I have the opportunity to take on a birth client I do not hesitate. So when Gloriana was in need of a last minute photographer only a couple of weeks from her due date I was quick to say “yes!”

This birth was so beautiful, Gloriana was a warrior, Silas was a strong and steady partner and their birth team was beyond amazing! When Bennett was born he had a little trouble breathing and I watched as Gloriana and Silas’s midwives helped him to do what we all take for granted. I could take this so much further and say that although I have obviously always been supportive of midwifery care, after watching what Deidre and Jessica did that night to help this little guy along was breathtaking and that I feel even more strongly about how midwives should get far more respect than they often do! I am quite certain that there were tears in all of our eyes when Bennett took that first breath and then let out that first high pitched scream…in fact he cried long after and never did I tire of hearing that sound, what a precious, most perfect sound!

I could talk about this birth and how beautiful it was for hours, but instead I will let you see it for yourself. Make sure to watch the video with all of the photos and that sweet sound of Bennett’s cry that will ring in my ears every time I think of this night.

P.s. You may notice that there are very few photos included in this gallery of Gloriana and Silas during labor/delivery and directly after. I feel it is so important to let my birthing mama’s have a say in what is shared and I will never share anything that makes them even slightly uncomfortable, so this gallery has been edited by Gloriana to keep her most intimate moments sacred and between she and her husband. ❤❤❤

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