Rhett Kyle Douglas | Wichita Newborn Photography

Dear Rhett,

You have been blessed with the most loving and easy going parents. It took all of 3 minutes to realize that Matthew and Keyona were meant to be yours, and you theirs. You were so wide awake for our photo shoot, but you are perfect in every way. Your daddy thinks you look just like your mama, and it seems your beautiful mama is just fine with that. The three of you fit together like a perfect puzzle that they didn’t even realize was incomplete until your arrival. One day you will love the story daddy tells you about how you peed all over him during your first photo shoot and how your mama will tell you that you were so in tune with her that every time she would speak you would look in her direction, already a mama’s boy at only 11 days old! Most of all you will love looking back at these moments of you and your family, knowing that you are surrounded in a blanket of love!



Your third biggest fan, Adrienne


Make sure you scroll to the bottom to see the video with even more of this gorgeous family!


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