Keyona and Matthew | Wichita Maternity Documentary Photography

Have I ever explained how much I love pregnancy, labor, birth, sweet brand new babies, and all things revolving around new life?! Well, if I haven’t explained it, let me give you an idea of how obsessed I am…I get chills when I tell my clients about how much I love birth, that if I could give birth every day I would just to have that new baby rush I would. You know, that high that you get right after birth that makes you feel like you are Wonder Woman? There is just something so truly miraculous about growing a tiny person that is the perfect combination of you and your love. SO with all of that said, I could not wait to capture Keyona’s sweet little baby bump and document this special time for she and Matthew, and we had so much fun doing just that!

Everything about this session was so dreamy! Keyona channeled her inner Joanna Gaines and designed such a stunning house, with the help of her oh-so handy husband Matthew of course! I mean, check out that house, could it be any cuter? When I first arrived Keyona took me from one room to the next and I was just so blown away in each room! Then after documenting them in their adorable house, I asked them if they had anything in mind for some outdoor photos and we all piled in their car and drove about 2 miles away to the most beautiful location I have ever seen. It was complete with a dusty tree lined dirt road, a perfect wheat field, and the most stunning wild field that looked as if we were in Tuscany! If anyone ever tells you that Kansas is not pretty all you need to do is show them this album to change their minds!

What else can I say about Keyona and Matthew?  I do not think I have ever met two people who oozed so much love for one another. It is so evident in these photos that their connection is something straight out of the movies, you know, the kind of love that you are sure doesn’t really exist until you meet people like Keyona and Matthew? These two are also just so fun…when Matthew climbed through 3 feet of weeds to grab one of those giant weeds that look like dandelions and insisted that he and Keyona blow on it together I cracked up. She did not even hesitate to join in, even in her 8 month pregnant condition…I suppose this could be a new form of lamaze?! I know one thing for sure, sweet baby boy Rhett is sure to have fun and loving parents for life!

I do hope that you enjoy their album below and also their video with even more photos from their session below!


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