Jillian, Cody and Phoebe | Wichita Documentary Photography

This session was straight out of my wildest dreams; there was a rollie pollie search, honeysuckle tastings, hammock swinging, a tea party, extended breastfeeding, a hairless kitty, bullfrog hunting, two year old chasing…and so much beautiful LIGHT! If you have been following my work for long you know that I am a bit light obsessed and live to chase it in my sessions and I could not have had more stunning light to accompany this stunning family!

This family is so beautiful in every way, Mama and Dada’s patience with little miss was so beautiful to watch and their bond is so clearly evident. I have known Jillian for some time and if anyone knows Jillian they know that she lives for that sweet little girl of hers. Cody is such a strong father and husband to his girls and it was so incredible watching the three of them together. I felt like their bond was straight from one of those sappy movies that you walk away from and say “that can’t be real life!” For them it is real life, they are pretty spectacular and I hope that it is all evident in their story below!

For their video with the entire session plus some sweet short clips make sure your scroll to the bottom!

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