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I have been promising my littles that we would go splash in the mud for weeks now and it seems every time we go on one of our “adventures” no mud is found! So this last weekend when it was cloudy and dreary we grabbed Nana and set out to find some mud! We ended up at Santa Fe Lake which was the perfect combination of puddles, mud and a great lake for some good ol’ rock throwing!

The funniest part of this adventure is that my kids do NOT like being dirty, but because I built it up so much they were pretty sure they would love it! There are some photos close to the beginning that are right after I took a handful of much and wiped it across both of them and neither of them are very thrilled about it…all for the sake of photography I say! Ha! I can assure you that they got me back, but got Nana back so much more! Poor Nana!! By the end they were very gleefully playing in the mud and none of us went home without mud in places that we expected!!

I told Nana on the way home that I really do think that my love for capturing a moment does make me a better mom, but was pondering it a little later and I decided that it also makes my kiddos more well rounded kids…getting messy is a part of childhood that I am so glad that I can teach them to love even if they don’t love it at first and I hope that we created the kind of memories that will be so impactful that they are more present for their children one day too!

This album was SO hard to narrow down so I am probably oversharing here, but I just love them all so much! I hope that you enjoy our adventure and it inspires you to make some messes for the sake of creating a lasting memory too!

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