A Mother’s Day Surprise | Wichita Documentary Photography

When Ruse contacted me several weeks ago to schedule a surprise shoot with his two kiddos for a Mother’s Day surprise, I could not have been more excited! He explained  that his wife loves photos and he wanted to document something that would mean something to her, so he looked through my portfolio and saw the photos I have taken in the Andover Public Library and thought that would be the perfect location!

Sometimes I walk away from a shoot and have to pinch myself…is this real life?! I played with the kiddos and took beautiful photos that I hope perfectly captured Bennett and Nora as they are in all of their 5-year-old and 3-year-old glory! This is why I love documentary photography, the images captured are pure, real life reactions, connections and love between these three…I hope you feel the happiness and love ooze from them as you view the photos below! Also make sure to scroll to the bottom to view their video that includes their full gallery!


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