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There is this “little” contest that I entered into this year on a whim…by little I mean only 412,379 photos were submitted by photographers all over the world and then they were randomly voted on. Most of the time free photo contests turn into a popularity contest and it is just not in me to ask people to vote for me so I just pass on them. This contest is not that at all and I had so much fun voting and seeing the amazing work of other photographers. It was not that long into voting that I realized how difficult the competition was…I mean the images were INCREDIBLE! I stumbled upon a couple of my photos through voting but was shocked that I could spend hours voting on the competition and never see a single photo of mine. I was pretty sure that I must have had all of my photos eliminated rather quickly, so imagine my surprise when I saw that I had 8 photos in the top 30%, 7 photos in the top 20% and 3 photos in the top 10%.

I am so happy with my results for my first year in this competition that I decided that I had to share! Next year I am determined to make it into the top 100. 🙂

The photos below made it to the top 30% of all photos submitted to the competition!

The photos below made it to the top 20% of all photos submitted to the competition!

Lastly, these last three photos made it to the top 10% of all photos submitted!

AND checkout the video they created for my competition submissions below:

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