Indoor trampolines and snuggles | Wichita Documentary Photography

With the wind this week we have been indoors again for most of the week and I decided that it was about time that I hop into the frame with the kiddos too. As moms we are often the one’s that are taking the photos and I have decided that I need to be better about getting on the other side of the lens. Of course the kiddos had a blast too! It is not every day that I tell them that it is ok to jump on my bed! It is amazing how tolerant I can be in order to get that perfect photo. I think it is helping me to be a much more fun mom, and I hope my kiddos think so too! I hope you enjoy our inside adventures!

Make sure to scroll to the bottom for a peak into what life is like with a spirited 4 year old!

These last three shots are experimentation with a slow shutter speed to show how life is normally with this crazy 4 year old. He just does not stop for anything! This is also the reason why often times there are far more photos of Frankie, it can be difficult to catch Liam!!


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