Some days you just have to dance…. | Wichita Documentary Photography

My husband got me an Amazon Echo for Christmas and I realized how much I missed just listening to music! It seems that since we have been in this house we have been lacking any kind of stereo on our main floor…I’m not sure how it even happened…but most of these things can be answered with a single word: “KIDS”. Since becoming a mother I seem to have lost a little bit of “me”, I am so caught up in being “mommy” that I have a bad habit of not taking care of myself! I promise I am trying a lot harder, and one of those ways is by listening to more music. It seems that the love of music is in our blood because watching my kiddos enjoy it has been so great as well!

All of this leads to Thursday afternoon, sitting in the living room with the littles and listening to music. They were standing in front of the living room window, awaiting their big brothers arrival, and how could I resist taking that first image! And then “Havana” started blaring over that Echo and you could tell Liam just felt that song to the very depths of his being, he could not help but move along with the music! I shot a quick photo (the second one below) of the two of them dancing and was mesmerized by the light and how it highlighted them so beautifully that the photographer in me was up in no time moving furniture and giving them a proper dance floor!

Sometimes capturing moments feels like magic…I hope you do enjoy the magic that was created on a Thursday afternoon in the middle of a living room with the help of 3 adorable boys and a potty training angel…


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