A Christmas to remember… | Wichita Documentary Photography


Merry Christmas!! I hope that you had an amazing holiday with friends and family! We sure did and now I am exhausted! 🙂

I started the weekend with an awesome Christmas stomach bug that put me out of commission Friday night thru Saturday night which meant that everything that I waited until the last minute to do either did not happen at all or was left for the night of Christmas Eve. We spend Christmas Eve celebrating with my mom and step-dad every year and this year we spent the whole day celebrating. Thankfully I felt well and everyone had a blast! The kids spent the day playing with new toys and the adults spent the day chasing kids, napping and genuinely enjoying each other’s presence. This year Papa and Gigi surprised us with a party bus Christmas Light Tour and it was magical, unforgettable and I am certain that they will not be able to come up with something that surpasses it! We ended the night with a Ziegler tradition of watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation; it doesn’t matter how stupid that movie is or how many times I have seen it, I still laugh all of the way through and especially enjoyed watching our kids all gathered around and giggling all of the way through it too!

After the movie we packed the kiddos into the car and headed home so we could be sure to tuck them in before Santa came….and I could start preparing the house for him! I had not yet wrapped one present and the house was a wreck so I spent the next 6 hours wrapping and cleaning and hoping that Santa would not skip our house because I was still awake! I crawled into bed at 4:30 am and felt like I had just fell asleep when the pitter patter of feet awoke me again and it was 7:45 am. I stumbled down the stairs with an excited bunch of kiddos to find that Santa had come; stockings were filled, presents were laid under the tree and there were even sooty boot prints on our welcome mat on the hearth!

This season is exhausting but so worth it to see the joy in those sweet faces! I hope you experience theirs and our joy through the images below!


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