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Anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about the miracle of birth and loved everything about my birth stories thanks to my amazing midwife and her team. So when I saw a post on a local moms group Facebook page from a mom looking for a birth photographer I had to jump on it. I had not yet professionally photographed a birth but it had been something that I hoped to break into so I reached out and after talking to the poster, Amy, about how passionate I am about birth I was lucky enough that she chose me!

Amy was due on Thanksgiving day but this was her second baby so none of us expected that she would start showing signs of early labor on the Friday before. I cannot begin to tell you the excitement I felt when she reached out to me to let me know that it would probably happen in the next couple of days. I kept my phone next to me for the next 36 hours and checked in multiple times (sorry if I was annoying, Amy!:)). She contacted me on Sunday morning to let me know that she had started contracting at 1:30 am and she would keep me posted as things progressed. I quickly arranged childcare and then waited, and waited…and waited; I am sure the wait was much worse for Amy but I cannot begin to tell you how long those few hours lasted! I got the call just after 1:00 pm to start heading to Kathy Brace’s birth suite.

I arrived at Kathy’s at about 1:25 pm. I have to tell you that although she had to have been exhausted after her long night (she was 12 hours into at this point), Amy could not have been more stunning. Her birth was long, hard, emotional, raw and everything I could have ever imagined in capturing a birth. Kathy and Kyle were beyond wonderful and everything was so peaceful and beautiful that I completely fell in love with everything about birth photography. Colin James was born about 2 hours after my arrival and he is truly perfect.

I invite you on Amy, Jim and Colin’s birth story…I hope that these images below truly capture the beauty of this gift.




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