A Love Like No Other

I have the most beautiful step-sister, her name is Brooke and she is truly incredible. She was diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia when she was very young and has lived much of her life in a wheel chair. Although these things are true of Brooke, she does not let her diagnosis and disabilities define her, or get her down. She is one of the most positive people I know and I am so lucky to be able to call her my seester.

When Brooke met August nearly 10 years ago I had no idea that it would blossom into what they have now. They are one of my favorite love stories. August is one of those people who is easy to love. He is witty and smart and is probably one of the best things that ever happened to Brooke. The love that they share is undeniably beautiful.

Brooke invited me to her mom and step-dad’s cabin to take pictures of her, August and their fur baby, Seven, a couple of week’s ago. Talk about a hidden treasure in the middle of Kansas! Everything about our night was perfect and the images were nearly impossible to narrow down! Check them out below…




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