Go to Everybody’s House | Wichita Documentary Photography

Our littlest man has been begging for weeks now to “go to everybody’s house and get candy”. At first I wasn’t understanding why he would ask such a thing and then when I finally got that he wanted to go trick-or-treating it shocked me that our four year old actually remember Halloween from last year! So we started a count down exactly 13 days ago, everyday when he would ask to “go to everybody’s house and get candy” I would say “Not today, we can go trick-or-treating in 13…12….11….10 (you get the gist) days”! And then this morning came and this little guy has a crummy cough and didn’t get enough sleep and it’s only 37 degrees outside and not getting warmer….but when I told him that we would indeed go to everybody’s house and get candy tonight, you wouldn’t know any of it! There is no one more excited about Halloween this year than our little man is and that is making Halloween a little less stressful/exhausting/thankless for this Mama! I wish I could just bottle up his excitement and keep it on reserve for those days that I really need it (but lets be honest it would be gone in about a week! Ha!).

This is a Halloween to remember, it is the first Halloween that I was able to take the time to make costumes for my kiddo’s, the first Halloween that Liam understood what Halloween really was, the first Halloween that I had to worry about my 11 year-old being too big to trick-or-treat (no worries, he will be going, too big or not!), the first Halloween that I am participating in Safe Halloween with the Andover Chamber of Commerce, in fact this is a big year of firsts and I am so happy for it! Check out our FIRST Halloween photo shoot with the littles below!


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