P & M Pumpkin Ranch

I have lived in the Wichita area for all of my life and am SHOCKED that I am only just now discovering P & M Pumpkin Ranch!  My sister, Nana, the cousins, the littles and I all ventured out the Sunday before last to experience this pumpkin patch in the tiny town of Moundridge. What a gem of a place in the middle of Kansas!! From the pig races to the bouncy pads to the corn maze to the numerous slides and much, much more; there is no lack of entertainment for kids of all ages! We left about 3 hours after we arrived after hours of playing, losing one child for a short time (thank you for the heart attack, Liam) and with extremely beautiful pumpkins in tow. We were all exhausted and SUPER cranky but it was SO worth it for the memories made and watching the joy on the kiddo’s faces.

My sister and I decided that it would have to be a yearly event from here on out. If you are in the Wichita area I am sure that you too will feel like the hour-ish drive is worth it for the beauty of this property along with the fun that will be had by all-children and adults alike! Take a look at the pictures from our day and try to tell me that you you’re not jealous! 🙂

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