Zoo Day!!!

Have I ever explained my love of the Sedgwick County Zoo? It is the GREATEST zoo and we have a membership, so we can go whenever we want! In fact Liam starts Preschool there in a couple of weeks so Frankie and I will be hanging out and roaming the Zoo while Liam goes to school! Is there really anything greater?! I am pretty sure there is not!

Anyway, (sorry, I got a little off track there…can you tell I am a bit excited…Haha!) we went to the zoo on Monday to drop off my giveaway for the Zoobilee’s silent auction (an amazing event that helps to support our zoo…check it out here) and we decided to stay and play a bit! I had the best time with my littles but I am telling you EVERY time I go to this zoo I come away with a bunch of pictures that I just LOVE! Check them out below!



But these have to be my all time favorite zoo pictures….Liam and Matt the Gorilla had a special moment…


I love these pictures…and I am super glad that glass was there! Haha!

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